By going over the information contained in this website and through your own research, you’ll quickly find out why these products are in such high demand. Our philosophy is simple: market the highest quality products that people need and add a delivery system second to none, combining to form the best nutritional supplements you can find. That’s why you need to get involved with our efforts.

All of these products come in spray form. Sprays are better than any other method of taking vitamins because they are convenient, absorb better, and are great for all family members, including kids and the flavor tastes great!

  • D3 Vitamin Sprays
    vitamind3sprayScientists have uncovered up to 2,000 different genes – roughly one-sixth of the human genome – that are regulated by Vitamin D3. That means almost everything in your body relies on it! The problem is that most of us are not spending enough time in the sun for our bodies to produce vitamin D, nor do our foods any longer provide what we need.Vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition in the WORLD!

    T.E.N.’s D3Licious is specially formulated to enhance absorption and is stabilized with triglycerides. In a recent study conducted by the High Desert Heart Cardiology Clinic, T.E.N.’s D3 formulation was found to increase D3 levels on average by over 50% in 60 days! (get healthy and buy it | earn money selling it)

  • B12 Vitamin Sprays
    Often referred to as the “energy vitamin”, vitamin B12 regulates the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system, and even affects the metabolism of every cell of our body. It is a nutrient in high demand, but because it does not absorb well through pills, many people receive B12 injections.

    According to a study published in Journal Annual Reviews, vitamin B12 deficiency is a worldwide problem. T.E.N.’s B12Blast contains Methylcobalomin, the most active and effective form of B12 ingredients. One week of B12Blast provides four times the amount of B12 received in a B12 injection – at a fraction of the cost! (get energetic and buy it | earn money selling it)

  • Weight Loss Sprays
    As we age, our metalolisms inevitably slow down. This has a number of effects, including weight gain and obesity despite no change in our eating habits. MetaboLift was formulated in cooperation with a major weight loss medical facility and is ideal for those of us who want to give our metabolisms a boost while suppressing hunger. MetaboLift contains vitamins B5 and B6, which create a major energy boost. It also contains chromium, a compound that metabolizes sugar, and L-carnitine, one that helps burn fat and generate energy. These combined ingredients provide energy and a fast moving metabolism.

    Added to these metabolic boosters is hydroxyl citric acid, a compound that helps reduce appetite. Take MetaboLift about 20 minutes before meals to optimize its appetite suppressant effects. (lose weight and buy it | earn money selling it)

  • Sleep Support Sprays
    75% of us do not get enough sleep. It’s one of the most serious health challenges we face and costs businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity. Without sleep, the body does not regenerate. Think of sleep as our way of taking care of internal housekeeping as a way to clean up the oxidative damage that builds up from daily life. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want more and better sleep?

    T.E.N.s DreamTime is like no other sleep formulation. Unlike prescription drugs that leave you groggy, DreamTime is all natural and operates gently in your system. It contains melatonin, an ingredient that regulates sleep and diurnal cycles, as well as tryptophan, an amino acid that serves as a relaxant. DreamTime also has herbs such as passion flower and Velarian. Simply spray and most people will find themselves in restful sleep in a matter of 5 minutes! (sleep better and buy it | earn money selling it)


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